-Applied Econometrics Workshop, Wellington, October 2018
​-"Natural Experiments in History: Development, Health, and Labour" Workshop, Deakin University, November 2018
-University of Sydney (research seminar)
-WEN event, QUT, August 2018

-European Population Conference 2018, Brussels,6-9 June 2018
-WZB-Berlin, research seminar, 31st May 2018

-9th International Workshop on Applied Economics of Education (IWAEE)  Catanzaro, Italy, 17th of June 2018

-XXVII Meeting of the Economics of Education Association, Barcelona, Spain,  (scheduled) 28-29 June 2018

-Monash University, research seminar, April 2018 
-AEA conference, 2018 Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, USA, January 2018
-Royal Economic Society Conference, Sussex, UK, March 2018
-LEER Conference on Education Economics,  Leuven, Brussels, March 2018
-3rd CSDA workshop “Applied Economics Papers on Child and Youth Outcomes", Auckland, NZ, February 2018


-European Winter Meeting of the Econometric Society, University of Bocconi, December 2015
-40th Symposium of the Spanish Economic Association (SAEa), Girona, December 2015
-PhD Conference at the University of Leicester, UK, December 2015 
-30th Annual Congress of the European Economic Association, University of Manheim, August 2015
-XXIV Meeting of the Economics of Education Association, Autonomous Univ. of Madrid, June 2015
-2nd Applied Econometrics IAAE, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, June 2015
-Conference in Economics and Econometrics, University of Athens (AUEB), Greece, Crete, July 2015
-18th IZA European Summer School in Labor Economics, Munich, May 2015
-LEER Workshop on Education Economics,  Leuven, April 2015  
-Royal Economic Society, University of Manchester, April 2015


Rigissa Megalokonomou

​Senior Lecturer in Economics


​​-University of Technology Sydney, research seminar​, November 2017
-Natural Experiments in History: Development, Health, and Labour Workshop, Deakin University, December 2017
-Applied Econometrics Workshop at Victoria University of Wellington​ 
-Asian and Australasian Society of Labour Economics Inaugural Conference, Australian National University
-2017 Australasian Public Choice Conference, Deakin​​

​-Labour Economics Workshop, University of Auckland, New Zealand, August 2017
-ACE Conference, Sydney, July 2017
-XX Applied  Economic Meeting in Valencia, Spain, June 2017
-Invited speaker for the occasion of the 80th Anniversary of the Economics Department , University of Belgrade: “Economic Policy for smart, inclusive and sustainable growth”, Rising Star Session, June 2017
-2017 International Panel Data Conference (IPDC), Thessaloniki, Greece, July 2017
-16th Conference on Research on Economic Theory and Econometrics, Milos, July 2017

-Melbourne Institute, research seminar, March 2017

-Seventh Italian Congress of Econometrics and Empirical Economics (ICEEE 2017), Messina​, January 2017


-University of Essex, RSS Seminar Presentation, November 2014
-Conference in Economics and Econometrics, University of Athens (AUEB), Greece, July 2014


-University of New South Wales, research seminar, 2 December 2016

-University of Cyprus, research seminar​, 12 December 2016
-Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), research seminar, 15 December 2016​
-Asia Pacific Institute of Advanced Research, Melbourne, October 2016
-2016 IEEA conference, University of Milano, Bicocca, June 2016
-Belgrade Young Economists, University of Belgrade, June 2016

-2016 IEEA conference, University of Bocconi, June 2016 
-PhD meeting in Economics, University of Macedonia, July 2016 
-XIX Applied Economic Meeting, ALDE, University of Seville, June 2016 
-Conference in Economics and Econometrics, University of Athens (AUEB), Greece, Tinos, July 2016 
-University of Queensland, Seminar presentation, February 2016
-Norwegian school of Economics, Seminar presentation, January 2016
-University of Essex, Seminar presentation, February 2016
-Bogazici University, Seminar presentation, February 2016


​-Australian Treasury, April 2020 (scheduled)

-Australian National University, Research School of Economics,  

March 2020 (scheduled)

-KU Leuven, May 2020 (scheduled)

-University of Adelaide, research seminar, March 2020 

-Australian Gender Economics Workshop, WEN, February 2020 

-BEST Conference on Human Behaviour and Decision Making, QUT,

February 2020 ​

                     –---Past conferences and presentations –---


-2019 Australasian Public Choice Conference, QUT, December 2019

-Labour Econometrics Workshop, Adelaide, September 2019 

-University of Melbourne, research seminar, September 2019 

-National Australian University, Crawford School of Public Policy, research seminar, September 2019 

​-18th Conference on Research on Economic Theory and Econometrics, Greece, Tinos, July 2019

-University of Warwick, research seminar, June 2019 

-University of Piraeus, research seminar, June 2019 

-What works in Education Workshop, invited speaker, UNSW, August 2019 

-18th Conference on Research on Economic Theory and Econometrics, AUEB, July 2019 

-Australian Gender Economics Workshop, Melbourne, February 2019​

-AEA conference, 2019 Annual Meeting, Atlanta, USA, January 2019