Rigissa Megalokonomou

​Assoc. Prof. in Economics

Media Impacts, Interviews and Appearances :

-Underestimated: Why Young Women are Shying Away From Economics, The Guardian Australia, April 2022

-Why having more women/diverse economists benefits us all, CEPR Policy Portal,  VOX EU Article, November 2021

-Being able to skip classes improves some students’ performance. Others struggle with more autonomy, at The Conversation, 2021

-Student Autonomy and Academic Performance, CEPR Policy Portal,  VOX EU article, 2021

- School Attendance during a Pandemic, CEPR Policy Portal,  VOX EU article, 2020

-Public Talk about the Effects of Teacher Gender Biases, a Women in Economics Network (WEN) and Economic Society in Australia (ESA) Event (video available)

​--Girls score the same in maths and science as boys, but higher in arts – this may be why they are less likely to pick STEM careers,

at The Conversation, June 2020

--The Effects of Exam Scheduling on Academic Performance, CEPR Policy Portal,  VOX EU article, 2020

-- “The Future of Women in Economics" Feature Story, for The University of Queensland, 2018

-- "Does Class Size Matter? How, and at What Cost?", Cato Research Brief, Research Brief in Economic Policy, 2019


--“How young Greeks changed their degree choices as the economy crashed” at the Conversation (40k reads) , 2016

-Unpacking unconscious gender biases in high school teachingThe University of Queensland, 2019

- "Higher Performance for Boys and Girls when There are More Girls"  Essos, Newspaper about Education (in Greek), 2018

Job prospects drive college major preferences amidst Crisis” in Kathimerini Daily Newspaper (in Greek), 2016

The crisis changed (students’) preferences” in The Ethnos Daily Newspaper  (in Greek)

--The financial crisis and the choice of study  capital.gr  (in Greek)

Other media mentions include:

--EUROPPEuropean Politics and Policy - LSE Blogs

Epoch Times  online and print (Singapore)


--scroll.in (India)