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Rigissa Megalokonomou

​Lecturer in Economics


--“How young Greeks changed their degree choices as the economy crashed” at the Conversation (15k reads) 

Job prospects drive college major preferences amidst Crisis” in Kathimerini Daily Newspaper 

The crisis changed (students’) preferences” in The Ethnos Daily Newspaper 


The Greek financial crisis has been one of the most severe in the developed world since 1929. Its effects on education have been real and biting. Public spending on education in Greece has been reduced by 40% and more than 100 schools have been closed since 2009 as well as some universities. The overall uncertainty about the future of the country has had catastrophic consequences on all sectors of the economy but also on the educational decisions of young Greeks. In the face of tighter budget constraints, college students are changing their minds about what to study. There has been an increase in university majors that are tied to jobs with good employment opportunities, such as healthcare or law, and a rise in the popularity of courses that provide an early source of income such as the military and police academies. But there has also been a drop in those courses that are academically challenging, such as engineering and computer science.

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