Does the Share of Female Judges Assigned to Supreme Court Cases Affect Trials’ Outcomes? 

  • Status: Draft in Preparation, data collection is complete

Talented Students and Public Recognition

  • Status: Draft in Preparation, with Sofoklis Goulas (Stanford) and Won Fy Lee (Stanford)

The Effects of Female Teacherson School and University Outcomes

  • Status: Draft in Preparation, with Victor Lavy (Warwick); early draft in preparation 

Females, Classroom Disruption, and STEM Careers; 

  • Status: Revising the Existing Draft, with Yi Zhang (Queensland) and Sofoklis Goulas (Stanford)​

Same-Gender Peer Role Models; survey RCT in place, data collection in place

  • Status: Draft in Preparation, with Sofoklis Goulas (Stanford) and Bhagya Gunawardena (University of Queensland)

The Impact of University Entry Scholarships on Academic Success, Labour Market and Migration

  • Status: Early Draft in Preparation, with Vasilakis Valantis (Bangor)

​The Impact of Disruptive Peers on Cognitive and Non-cognitive Skills: Evidence from an Online Experiment; survey RCT in place, data collection in place

  • Status: Draft in Preparation, with Sofoklis Goulas (Stanford) and Silvia Griselda (Bocconi)

Inequality in College Applications: Evidence From Three Continents, 

  • Status: Draft in Preparation,  with Adam Altjmed, Andres Barrios Fernandez, Aspasia Bizopoulou,  José Montalban Castilla, Martti Kaila,  Christopher Neilson, Sebastián Otero, and Xiaoyang Ye

    Work In Progress

 ​​​Persistency in Teachers' Grading Biases and Effect on Longer Term Outcomes: University Admission Exams and Choice of Field of Study ​(Forthcoming, AEJ Applied)​

  • Academic Version: NBER Working Paper, with Victor Lavy (Warwick)
  • ​Media Highlight:  Economic Society of Australia, Women in Economics Network, YouTube Video
  • Media Highlight: Teacher gender bias is real and has lasting effects on students’ marks and study choices, The Conversation

The Effect of the Exposure to Refugees on Crime Activity. Evidence from the Greek Islands  (Revised and Resubmitted, 2nd Round,  European Economic Review)

  • Academic Version: Working Paper, with Valantis Vasilakis (Bangor)

Long Term Effects of Teachers: Evidence from a Teacher Value Added Approach (Reject & Resubmit,  American Economic Review)

  • with Victor Lavy (Warwick)

Do Second Chances Pay Off? Evidence from a Natural Experiment with Low-Achieving Students (Invited to Revise and Resubmit,  Journal of Public Economics)

  • Academic Version: Working Paper, with Aspasia Bizopoulou (VATT Institute for Economic Research) and Stefania Simion (Bristol) 

How Good Am I? Effects and Mechanisms Behind Salient Ranks  (Invited to Revise and Resubmit, European Economic Review)

  • Academic Version: Working Paper,  with Yi Zhang (University of Queensland)
  • Yi Zhang was awarded the best student presentation award for presenting this paper at the 2022 Labour Econometrics Workshop at the University of Wollongong

Does the Girl Next Door Affect your Academic Outcomes and Career Choices? (Under Review, Journal of Urban Economics)

  • Academic Version: Working Paper, with Yi Zhang (Queensland) and Sofoklis Goulas (Stanford)

Rigissa Megalokonomou

​Assoc. Prof. in Economics

Working Papers and R&Rs


​ Compulsory Class Attendance vs Autonomy (2023, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization)

Human Capital Depreciation  (2022, American Economic Review

  • Academic Version: NBER Working Paper, with Michael Dinerstein (Chicago) and and Costantine Yannelis (Chicago Booth)
  • Published Version: here
  • Online Appendix

Comparative Advantage and Gender Gap in STEM  (2022, Journal of Human Resources)

  • Academic VersionWorking Paper, with Sofoklis Goulas (Stanford) and Silvia Griselda (Bocconi)                                
  • Awards: Recipient of: 2020 Best Paper Award on Gender Economics by UniCredit Foundation, Mardi Dungey Prize for the Best Paper, ANU, November 2019 and Best Paper Award at the 2020  Australian Gender Economics Workshop at QUT

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Feedback, Learning and Performance: Evidence from a Randomised Controlled Trial (2021,  Economic Journal)​​

  • Academic Version: Working Paper, with Isabella Dobrescu (UNSW), Marco Faravelli (Queensland) and Alberto Motta (UNSW)

​Class size and performance: At what cost? (2021,  European Economic Review)​​ 

​​Knowing who you Actually Are: The Effect of Feedback on Short and Long Term Outcomes  (2021, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization)

​​Do Parents Respond to Regulation of Sugary Drinks in Childcare? Evidence from California"  (2020, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization)

  • Academic Paper: Published Version, with Jiafei Hu  (University of Queensland) and Haishan Yuan (University of Queensland)

​School Attendance during a Pandemic (2020, Economics Letters)

"Marathon, Hurdling or Sprint? The Effects of Exam Scheduling on Academic Performance" (2020, The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy)

Which Degrees do Students Prefer During Recessions? (2018, Empirical Economics)