• "Long Term Effects of Teachers: Evidence from a Teacher Value Added Approach” with Victor Lavy (Warwick) work in progress
  • "Swine Flu, Class Attendance, and School Performance. Should we force students to go to class? with Sofoklis Goulas (Stanford),  revising existing draft
  • ”Estimating Human Capital Depreciation: Evidence from Greek Teacher Waitlists” with Michael Dinerstein (Chicago) and Costantine Yannelis (Chicago Booth), first draft ready, completed the survey 
  • “Does the Gender Composition of Judges Matter? Evidence from Random Assignment of Judges to Cases from more than 3,000 Supreme Court cases”​ , data collection done, draft in preparation​​
  • "Externalities in the Classroom. Are High-Achievers Hostages of Low-Achievers?" with Sofoklis Goulas (Stanford) and  Silvia Griselda (Melbourne) revising the draft for circulation
  • "The Effect of the Exposure to Refugees on Crime Activity. Evidence from the Greek Islands​" with Valantis Vasilakis (Bangor) draft in preparation
  • "The impact of scholarships and bursaries on academic success in University and the Labor Market”  with Valantis Vasilakis (Bangor)
  • "The Long Run Gender Peer Effects" with Yi Zhang (Queensland) and Sofoklis Goulas (Stanford), first draft ready
  • "Are Girls Always More Likely to Give up? Evidence from a Natural Experiment with Low-Achieving Students" with Aspasia Bizopoulou (VATT Institute for Economic Research) and Stefania Simion (Bristol), draft in preparation

Work In Progress

Rigissa Megalokonomou

​Lecturer in Economics


Working Papers


  • ​“Feedback, Learning and Performance: Evidence from a Randomised Controlled Trial" with Isabella Dobrescu (UNSW), Marco Faravelli (Queensland) and Alberto Motta (UNSW), Revise and Resubmit, Economic Journal (A*)
  • Do Parents Respond to Regulation of Sugary Drinks in Childcare? Evidence from California"  with Jiafei Hu  (University of Queensland) and Haishan Yuan (University of Queensland), Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organisation (A*)
  • "​Class size and performance: At what cost?" with Desire Kedagni (Iowa State University), Kala Krishna (Pennsylvania State University) and Yingyan Zhao (Pennsylvania State University), NBER Working Paper, Revise and Resubmit, European Economic Review​ (A*) 

          Featured in: Cato Research Brief, Research Brief in Economic Policy