Work In Progress

Rigissa Megalokonomou

​Lecturer in Economics


Working Papers

  • "Long Term Effects of Teachers: Evidence from a Teacher Value Added Approach” with Victor Lavy (Warwick) work in progress
  • "Swine Flu, Class Attendance, and School Performance. Should we force students to go to class? with Sofoklis Goulas (Stanford),  revising existing draft
  • “Does the Gender Composition of Judges Matter? Evidence from Random Assignment of Judges to Cases from more than 3,000 Supreme Court cases”​ , data collection done, draft in preparation
  • ​"Comparative Advantage and Gender Gap in STEM" with Sofoklis Goulas (Stanford) and  Silvia Griselda (Melbourne), draft preparationThe Mardi Dungey Prize for the Best Paper, ANU, November 2019
  • "Externalities in the Classroom. Are High-Achievers Hostages of Low-Achievers?" with Sofoklis Goulas (Stanford) and  Silvia Griselda (Melbourne) revising the draft for circulation
  • "The Effect of the Exposure to Refugees on Crime Activity. Evidence from the Greek Islands​" with Valantis Vasilakis (Bangor) draft in preparation
  • "The impact of scholarships and bursaries on academic success in University and the Labor Market”  with Valantis Vasilakis (Bangor)
  • "The Long Run Gender Peer Effects" with Yi Zhang (Queensland) and Sofoklis Goulas (Stanford), first draft ready
  • ”Estimating Human Capital Depreciation: Evidence from Greek Teacher Waitlists” with Michael Dinerstein (Chicago) and Costantine Yannelis (Chicago), first draft ready, conducting a survey at the moment